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Harewood House Celebrates Father’s Day with Yorkshire Post Classic Car & Motor Show

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Car & Motor Show

For those searching for something a little different this Father’s Day, you may be pleased to know that Harewood House is playing host to a classic car and motor show organised by Leeds’ own Yorkshire Post.

Besides an array of classic, sports and modified vehicles, the James Dylan Motorcycle Stunt Team and the Company of Horsemen Wild West and Cossack Trick Riding Team shall also be making appearances at the event.

Harewood House itself is often considered to be one of the jewels of Yorkshire, with it being a member of the Treasure Houses of England – making it one of ten foremost historic homes in the country.

What’s more, if you book tickets before the day itself, you can get 10% off, and they also include entry to Harewood’s grounds and gardens.

About Harewood House

Built from 1759 to 1711 for Edwin Lascelles and his family, the house offers great interest to those who enjoy history and architecture.

Additionally, the award winning grounds are some of the most celebrated in Europe and include Harewood Castle, the Lakeside Garden and for the children, an adventure playground.

Other events

If your Dad happens to be a Leeds UTD fan, there is to be a Father’s Day Lunch taking place at Elland Road on Sunday 15 June. For just £23 per person, your Dad can enjoy a three course meal alongside a tour of the stadium.

Besides this, the Royal Armories is also hosting a variety of events throughout the day, including a special Father’s Day Joust, Falconry, ‘Have a Go Sword’ sessions and sticking to the topic of motoring – a vintage bus display.

Of course, if your Father is a bit of a foodie and wants nothing more than to relax in the company of his family, Leeds-List has published this fantastic article discussing the top ten restaurants that are open for business this father’s day.

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Three of the best Vegetarian Restaurants in Leeds

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014


It is no secret that Leeds is one of the best cities in the North of England for restaurants and bars. With just over 100 settings to choose from within the centre alone, there is a plethora of dining options based right within the city centre itself.

For those who happen to be vegetarian, there are also a great number of delights ready for people with such diets, and here are the best restaurants for them:

Hansa’s Gujarati Vegetarian Cuisine Restaurant

Vegetarian food

Found to the north of the city centre, Hansa’s Restaurant celebrates the finest Indian vegetarian cuisine from Gujarati, an area located on the western coast of India.

The unique menu consists of a speciality of starters (Sharuaat), vegetable curries (Lilotri), and beans or pulse curries (Kathor), alongside delicious sweets (Mistaan).

Additionally, the restaurant has won a variety of awards including those from The Observer, Yorkshire Life Magazine, BBC Good Food Guide and If you are interested in giving a gift for a birthday, you can also purchase gift vouchers directly from the restaurant.

Roots and Fruits Vegetarian Café

Roots and Fruits

Located just above the Headrow, Roots and Fruits Vegetarian Café is one of the longest established businesses located within The Grand Arcade and has been serving vegetarian food since 1989.

Having just gone under renovation, the café has been given a new lease of life and now includes food for vegan diets. Additionally, the café also uses locally sourced produce as well as a variety of fair trade dishes.

For those wishing to enjoy alcohol, they are free to bring their own beverages for a small corkage fee.

Global Tribe Café

Lentil soup

Besides offering mouth-watering food, the café also plays host to a variety of activities including spiritual and meditation workshops, where folks are invited to “learn and explore meditation practices and the effects it can have on your life.”

If you want a full glimpse into life at Global Tribe, have a look at its Facebook page, where you can see a full view of what’s on offer every single day.

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Is 2014 set to be the year of the Kaiser Chiefs?

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Kaiser Chiefs

Once heralded as one of the biggest bands in the UK, the Kaiser Chiefs are this year making their long awaited comeback. Although the band once enjoyed almost unstoppable chart success, with eight successive singles finding places within the top 40, none of their past seven have landed within the top 100; the last being 2008’s Never Miss a Beat (which struck a chord at #5).

Additionally, the band’s fourth album, The Future is Medieval, was released to an indifferent audience, selling less than the minimum amount needed to achieve a silver certificate from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). Though of course, there are very many bands that enjoy long lasting careers without even nearing the BPI threshold (60,000 album units for silver), times are deemed hard for a band that could once push a million sales per album, and indeed, two million from their debut.

If you want to be truly sceptical about the band’s success, the follow up album, Yours Truly, Angry Mob, sold 800,000 copies, though compared to I Predict A Riot, this represents a 55 per cent drop in sales, which is only furthered by another 75 per cent drop by the third album, Off With Their Heads, which sold 200,000 copies.

In conversation with The Guardian, an industry insider said, “It’s odd to think of 800,000 sales, or even 200,000, as failure, but Kaiser Chiefs’ sales numbers marked them out as a band in a downward spiral, and that’s very, very hard to get out of. As with everything else in life, people like to support success.”

Boosted however by lead singer Ricky Wilson’s regular slot on The Voice, could we see an emergence of a fallen Leeds giant?

Speaking of his appearance on the show, Wilson has said that despite some criticism, he sees it as great opportunity to help promote the band’s new album, Education, Education, Education & War.

With another appearance on a Barclay’s advert helping to fund the new album, the band it seems, are now set for their 2014 release, despite the departure of drummer and principal songwriter, Nick Hodgson.

Speaking to The Guardian in a different article, Wilson said:

“I don’t want to peddle that old rubbish about being a new band again but for us it did feel like we were making our first record, because it was the first time we didn’t have the captain steering the ship.”

Both the lead single, Coming Home, and the album are set to be released on March 31. So far, the former has already clocked up 600,000 plays on YouTube – far more than any other official upload since 2011.

Judging from the amount of noise and publicity that the band have managed to generate pre-release, it is certain at least, that 2014 shall be a big year for the Kaisers, but just how big, compared to the dizzying heights of 2005 and 2006, it is quite hard to tell.

If you want to judge for yourself, a sneak preview of the new album is now being streamed on the band’s official Soundcloud account.

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