Best place to grab a cocktail in Leeds

August 20, 2014 at 3:18 pm , by Blue


Over the past ten years or so, Leeds has gained itself a great reputation for bars and night clubs, turning what used to be only a shopping destination, into one of the most celebrated nights out in Northern England.

So, with that in mind, here are the top five cocktail bars in Leeds:


After opening its doors just a few months ago at Brewery Warf, 212 has quickly become one of the most stylish and happening bars in the centre of Leeds.

Serving an array of fabulous cocktails, alongside a gorgeous range of pies, the bar enjoys a chilled atmosphere throughout the day before turning into a full blown nightclub (turntables only) around 8pm.

The Alchemist

One of four bars found throughout the UK, The Alchemist in Leeds can be found in the newly opened Trinity Shopping Centre.

Although it is only 12 months old, the bar has quickly garnered a respectable reputation among the 20-somethings of the city and is especially celebrated for its chilled rooftop terrace.

The bar is open all day for coffee before offering up some of the best cocktails in Leeds come evening time.


Baracoa Luxe

Found on the foot of Call Lane, Baracoa Luxe is one of the largest, yet most glamorous cocktail bars in Leeds.

Established in 2010, the bar is the perfect place for after work cocktails as well as somewhere to hang out long after the sun has gone down.

If you’re interested, the bar also holds ‘cocktail classes’ so that you can learn how to make some of the world’s best cocktails.

Call Lane Social

Another great bar located by the calls, Call Lane Social can be one of the busiest cocktail bars in Leeds as it proves time and time again what makes it so special.

A winner of the “best newcomer” award at the Leeds Bar and Club Awards, the bar serves a range of adventurous and alternative cocktails that keeps the bar the go-to-place every single weekend.

Five of the best historical attractions in Leeds

August 5, 2014 at 4:19 pm , by Blue

Although one of the most modern and multicultural cities in England, Leeds is also one of the most historical, and prides itself with a wealth of museums to celebrate the life and times of the city.

Having researched so many offerings, here are the top five museums and historical places of interest in Leeds:

Leeds Museum

Leeds Museum

Located right in the city centre, just to the side of Millennium Square, Leeds Museum is completely free to all visitors.

Including a tour around a working class Victorian kitchen, the museum has hundreds of exhibits on display before you even get to the renowned Leeds Art Gallery, which includes works by Henry Morland, Stanley Spencer and Henry Spencer Moore.

Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam

Quite possibly one of the most fascinating buildings in the whole of Leeds, Temple Newsam actually features in the Domesday Book and was once owned by none of than the Knights Templar during its rich history.

Found just to the east of Leeds city centre, the Tudor-Jacobean mansion boasts over 40 restored rooms to view alongside a host of beautiful gardens for visitors to stroll around and enjoy.

Entry is free and there are numerous public transport links to the grounds.

Armley Mills Industrial Museum

Armley Mills Industrial Museum

Once the world’s largest woollen mill, Leeds Industrial Museum offers visitors the opportunity to step back in time in engross themselves in textile machinery, railway equipment and heavy engineering.

Found just to the west of Leeds, near Burley Park, the museum throws visitors into the working conditions of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Thackray Medical Museum

Thackray Medical Museum

Offering you the chance to take a tour of the streets as they were in 1842, the Thackray Medical Museum explores in great detail the life and times of 19th century Leeds.

Aside from the primary tour, the museum also explores gruesome subjects in its exhibits which includes the likes of ‘Disease in Retreat’, ‘Pain, Pus and Blood’, and ‘Having a Baby.’

Although Leeds does play host to many free museums, entry to the Thackray Medical Museum is £7 for adults and £5 for children up to the age of 16. Despite the entry fee, the small cost of entry is well worth it.

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Five new places to eat, drink and relax in Leeds

July 4, 2014 at 2:20 pm , by Blue

Leeds is a city that is continuing to flourish. As the third largest populous city in the UK, it’s no wonder that so many different businesses are setting their sights here.

With the Trinity Centre and First Direct Arena already attracting huge crowds, the Yorkshire hub offers a slice of success to bars, cafes and restaurants throwing open their doors. There have already been a number of new openings in 2014 and there’s set to be many more to come.

Here are just some of the new places you can tuck into a bite to eat or enjoy a nice cold drink in Leeds.

Byron Hamburgers

Byron Hamburgers

Breathing new life into the former Church Institute and La Senza store on Land’s Lane, Byron Hamburgers is an elegant looking eatery dishing up quality grub. The company was started by Tom Byng back in 2007 and has since opened up shop in Manchester and Liverpool. The Leeds branch will be serving succulently simple burgers and a class selection of craft beer to the locals, becoming a valuable addition to the city’s already booming food scene.



On Friday 11th July, Prashad and Bradford’s The Sparrow will join to deliver a delectable fusion in craft ale and Indian cuisine. Located on Mill Hill near Boar Lane, Bundobust is set to be a sterling offering from the neighbouring city, with quality vegetarian Indian feasts all washed down with a specialist drink menu comprising of ale, beers and cocktails. A true match made in heaven.

Sociable Folk Café

Sociable Folk Café

Sociable Folk Café will offer up a little slice of serenity in the busy and bustling Wellington Place. As the first café in the Leeds development, they’re sure to become a favourite amongst workers there: whether they’re popping in for their morning coffee or for a wind down after working hours. With a focus on quality ingredients, generous servings and affordable prices, Sociable Folk Café is sure to quench plenty of thirsts.


MEA Tliquor

MEATliquor is set to pose some fierce competition to Byron and all the other burger joints in town. With brand signatures such as the Dead Hippie burger and chilli fries, as well as specially selected menu items, this restaurant is definitely going to stir up a hunger among shoppers. And it couldn’t be more conveniently located: MEATliquor will be bagging their very own basement site near the Trinity Centre. Their slogan, “come hungry, leave drunk”, lets you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

212 Café & Bar

212 Café & Bar

Taking their name and inspiration from New York, 212 Café & Bar on Brewery Place is a vibrant and charming little hangout. The interiors are simply dripping with personality, and the modest drinks selection will tickle your tastebuds without breaking the bank. It may be a new player on the scene, but 212 already has some pretty loud bragging rights in the form of a hefty DJ set-up. Grab a cake and coffee or nestle in with a pint as an electric range of disco, funk, jazz and house music lays the backdrop of this must-visit venue.

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